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This is our performance online neurocognitive assessment.  It has been designed to test, and track, cognitive performance in several key domains.  This is our more advanced assessment and is ideal for someone who wants more detailed insights of their cognitive functioning to enable performance enhancement.


Our assessment is clinically proven and researched.  A report with your test results is generated immediately upon completion of the assessment and provides scores for your performance in key cognitive functions.  Your results are easy to interperet and understand.  Your performance in each cognitive function will be compared to the norm for your age group.


Cognitive functions that are assessed and scored include, memory (verbal, visual and working), attention (simple and complex), executive function, processing speed, motor speed, reasoning, cognitive flexibility, reaction time, psychomotor speed and social acuity.  A personalized brain and performance optimization plan is created and sent based on the results of the assessment.

Online Neurocognitive Assessment (Performance)

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