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Neurocognitive Testing


Clinically proven remote testing program.


What is a neurocognitive assessment?

A neurocognitive assessment is a series of clinically supported tests designed to evaluate many aspects of cognitive functioning.  In our online testing program, each of our short tests is designed to assess functioning in a specific cognitive area.  Performance on these tests are used to establish a score in key cognitive domains and an overall neurocognitive functioning score that takes into consideration performance across all cognitive areas.  The specific tests included in your assessment will depend on our individual goals and history.

Our online neurocognitive testing program evaluates the cognitive areas listed below.

  • Memory (Verbal and Visual)

  • Psychomotor Speed

  • Reaction Time

  • Different Forms of Attention

  • Executive Function

  • Processing Speed

  • Cognitive Flexibility

  • Motor Speed

  • Social Acuity

Uses for Our Online Testing Program

  • Track cognitive function over time.

  • Early detection of problems to enable early intervention.

  • Gain detailed insights of key cognitive functions to enable performance enhancement.

  • Track medication or treatment effects.

  • Concussion screening.

  • Track recovery from traumatic brain injury.

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses.

  • Establish baselines for later comparison.

Instantaneous Reporting That is Easy to Understand

Your scores in every cognitive area are compared to the norm for your age.  You can easily see what range your functioning in key cognitive areas falls in when compared to the norm.

How it Works

All that is needed to take our online neurocognitive assessment is a computer with a keyboard and an internet connection.  Upon purchasing the assessment an email will be sent with instructions and a link to take the assessment.  Instructions will appear on the computer monitor.  Various tasks are described and performed. The test takes between 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete.  Your report that contains results is instantaneously generated.

Optional Review and Discussion of Your Results with one of our Clinical Neuropsychologists.


Schedule an appointment to speak with one of our doctors or specialists to review the results of your assessment.  Our specialists will review the results of your assessment as well as past assessments in order to identify patterns or changes in cognitive functioning in key areas.  Our specialists will explain all of the results to you in detail as well as give you actionable steps, strategies and suggestions based off of your results.

Receive a personalized brain and performance optimization plan based on the results of your assessment.

Based on the results of your assessment, and past assessment trends, a personalized plan will be created for you.  This plan will be customized based on your stated goals as well as your testing results.  Your plan will include detailed and effective steps, strategies and suggestions to optimize your brain and performance.

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